At Southern Medical Hearing Centers, our goal is always for you to be completely satisfied with your hearing. We know seeing an audiologist for the first time can be a bit frightening. Our audiologists and hearing specialists are each experts in their field, up-to-date on the latest hearing aid technology and hearing evaluation techniques. We also continuously train our staff in communication and counseling skills, to help you and your family feel completely comfortable in discussions about your hearing.

When it comes to helping you enjoy a lifetime of sound, our team is the best in the Atlanta, Augusta, and Chattanooga areas. These are the hearing experts you’ll meet when you visit one of our eight locations:

Our Hearing Professionals

Cyndi Carter

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Dalton, GA location

Our Patient Care Coordinators

Arnetia Smalls

Alpharetta, GA

Brittany Harrel

Stone Mountain, GA

Mallory Swinney

Dalton, GA

Heidi Lewis

Kennesaw, GA

Alicia Kinsey

Chattanooga, TN

Tammy Finnell

Cleveland, TN

Raven Luther

Canton, GA

It's the right time to hear

Are you noticing your hearing loss more? We’ll start with a full hearing evaluation.

See Your Audiologist Sooner

Adults tend to wait years before finally deciding to visit an audiologist. Perhaps they think their hearing loss isn’t really that bad. Maybe they saw their parents with old-fashioned analog hearing aids that weren’t all that effective. Some people think if they are seen wearing hearing aids, they will seem weak, less attractive, or just older.

Better hearing helps people lead happier, more productive, more engaged lives. Seeking hearing care from an audiologist sooner can offset hearing loss from developing into serious mental health issues such as social withdrawal, isolation, and depression. Researchers are now exploring if earlier hearing care can stall the onset of dementia in seniors.

Don’t risk further hearing loss and damage; visit an audiologist or hearing specialist at one of our hearing centers today. Our outstanding service plus our Best Price Guarantee on the latest hearing aid technology means your hearing loss will be a thing of the past.

Are you ready for better hearing?

See us for an evaluation, new hearing aids, or a tune-up.