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48 million Americans are affected by some degree of hearing loss. 90% of age-related hearing loss is treatable with today’s advanced digital hearing aids.


Each of our hearing centers offer the latest hearing aid technology from five leading manufacturers. Every hearing aid we prescribe is fitted and programmed correctly.


Electronic hearing protection devices (HPDs) filter out loud noises – protecting hearing for hunters and shooters, musicians, industrial workers, teachers, and kids.

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Are you noticing your hearing loss more? We’ll do a full hearing evaluation.

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Our audiologists and hearing specialists are up-to-date on technology for treating hearing loss. Their caring, personal touch helps everyone enjoy a lifetime of sound.

What Our Patients Say

It’s amazing what people hear after evaluation and treatment. Better hearing leads to healthier relationships with family and friends, more active social lives, and happier day-to-day living.

“I’m truly grateful that I have chosen Southern Medical Hearing for my hearing aids. I can hear birds singing in the air, my turn signal on my pick up truck, road traffic, and many more things I haven’t heard in many many years. Thanks to all of Southern Medical Hearing and most of all Dr. Lynda Klee!”

Paul Jones pic
Gary F.

“Getting hearing aids has changed my life. They are so comfortable that I sometimes forget to take them out before going to bed. I love the feature that lets me turn the volume up or down manually. Darnell Scafe knew exactly when it was the right time for me to begin wearing hearing aids. I will always be grateful to her.”

Helen W.

“After damaging my hearing at work, I spent 30 years with too much pride to consider hearing aids. I finally made an appointment with Southern Medical Hearing Center. From the moment I put my hearing aids in, I knew I couldn’t go without them again. I am shocked at the silent world I used to live in.”

Jeff A.

“Dr. Stephany Sun, Just a little note to tell you how much my hearing aids have helped me to hear and understand conversations around me, enjoy birds singing, and TV not so loud that my wife has to leave the room. Thanks to you and your staff at Southern Medical Hearing.”

Jimmy K.

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